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Poor Housing Markets and Global Economic Downturn Impact Canfor’s Q1 Results

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA– – Canfor Corporation today reported a net loss of $58.8 million for the first quarter of 2009, compared to a net loss of $229.8 million for the fourth quarter of 2008 and a net loss of $85.4 million for the first quarter of 2008. (4 mins to go)

Latest Freescale Digital Signal Controllers Provide Low Power, Big Performance at Small Cost

AUSTIN, Texas—-With global demand on the rise for greener appliances and industrial equipment, manufacturers are seeking ways to enhance energy efficiency while reducing system cost. (37 mins ago)

Philippines asks for ship escorts to fight pirates

The Philippines, the largest single provider of the world’s seafarers, urged Pacific Rim transportation ministers Tuesday to aid its ships and sailors through pirate-infested Somali waters amid a slump in global trade. (8 mins ago)

Bernanke Warming Prompts Record Company Debt Sales

April 27 — Wherever you look, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke s efforts to repair global credit markets are showing signs of working. (3 mins ago)

Housing market’s turning point hard to predict? WNB

Associated Press With white tin ceilings, original woodwork, bay windows, and a $699,000 price tag, the two-bedroom apartment at 719 Carroll St. in Brooklyn would have been snatched up in a New York minute a couple of years ago. (10 mins ago)

Republicans push nuclear energy to lower costs

Republicans say the real answer to greener, cheaper electricity is to build 100 more nuclear plants rather than spend “billions in subsidies” for renewable energy. (4 mins to go)

U.K. Shrinks Most Since Thatcher Era Dawned in 1979

April 24 — The U.K. economy shrank more than economists forecast in the first quarter in the biggest contraction since Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979. (3 mins to go)

U.S. Stock Futures Advance on Apple, EBay Earnings; Euro Climbs

April 23 — U.S. stock-index futures and Asian shares rose after Apple Inc. and EBay Inc. reported profits that beat analysts? estimates, fueling expectations the slowdown in consumer spending may be easing. The euro strengthened against the dollar, yen and Swiss franc. (24 mins ago)

Desperate Easton school district seeks cuts

Officials say they will eliminate courses, up to 60 teachers unless union makes concessions. Admitting they made a mistake when they inked a five-year agreement granting teachers hefty annual raises and other perks, Easton area school officials said Tuesday the pact will bankrupt the district within three years unless the union makes concessions. (7 mins ago)

Natural gas prices plunge to lowest level since 2005

Less consumption this spring won’t be the only reason for reduced consumer gas bills. (10 mins ago)