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Rates on mortgages are creeping higher

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s efforts to bring down borrowing costs to revive the housing market and help the economy are stalling. (2 hours ago)

Late-day trades bring stocks up

NEW YORK – Wall Street sealed the third month of its spring rally with a huge advance. The fourth month looks a little less certain. Stocks shot higher right before the closing bell Friday after fluctuating on a mix of economic data. (4 mins to go)

Motown’s Dilemma: Opportunity amid chaos

Last week the auto industry bowed to the inevitable and accepted new higher fuel economy standards. This is a step in the right direction, but it represents only a fraction of what the auto industry could do. (5 mins to go)

Treasuries Rise on Speculation High Yields Not Sustainable

May 28 — Treasuries rose for the first time in five days on speculation that the highest yields since November are unsustainable given forecasts that the U.S. housing market shows few signs of recovery. (5 mins to go)

Monsanto Says Roundup Rivals Cut Into Profit Forecast

May 27 — Monsanto Co. , the world’s biggest seed producer, said earnings this fiscal year will be at the low end of its previously announced forecast because of stronger- than-expected competition in its Roundup herbicide business. (6 mins ago)

Michigan’s April jobless rate was highest in US

WASHINGTON Forty-four states lost jobs in April, led by California where employers slashed 63,700 positions, as the recession took a further toll on U.S. workers. (18 mins ago)

Gas prices have more people staying close to home

The past year has seen gas prices with more ups and downs than the roller-coaster collection at King’s Dominion. Unfortunately, the roller coaster is going uphill as the summer travel season approaches. (22 mins ago)

GOP candidates for governor: No to open space ballot question

TRENTON — Even where Chris Christie and Steve Lonegan agree, they sometimes disagree. (2 hours ago)

Inflation could ‘break camel’s back’

A few months ago the US dollar was on a roll, bounding higher against foreign currencies as investors sought a safe hiding place for their money amid the global downturn. (3 mins ago)

Detroit tries to turn around its failing school system

DETROIT Just like the auto companies that fuel this city, struggling Detroit schools are undergoing a painful restructuring to avoid complete failure and bankruptcy. (29 mins ago)