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European rally fizzles

EARLY gains on European stock exchanges evaporated overnight, with markets closing lower after news that US consumer confidence shrank in June on worries about the recession and vanishing jobs. (49 mins ago)

Company Credit Risk Falls Before U.s. Economic Data, Swaps Show

June 29 — The cost to protect against defaults on U.S. corporate bonds fell to the lowest in two weeks, tracking a rally in stocks, before data this week that may bolster speculation the recession has bottomed. (13 mins ago)

Oil price hikes to stem inflation slump

The continued downward trend in the annual inflation rate could be temporarily halted by the renewed firming of international oil prices, analysts have said. (7 mins ago)

Weathering the storm

KITTITAS COUNTY- Kittitas County’s distance from the epicenter of this country’s financial meltdown can be calculated by the length of time it has taken for the shock waves to reach the county’s borders. (11 mins ago)

Treasuries Increase, Head for Weekly Gain, Amid Tame Inflation

June 26 — Treasuries rose for a second day after a report showed inflation moderated in May, bolstering expectations that the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates near zero through the rest of the year. (8 mins to go)

Bigger Tax Credit = More Home Sales?

Apparently low interest rates and reduced home prices aren’t enough incentive to get consumers to purchase new homes. (12 mins to go)

Fed says recession easing, inflation not a threat

The Federal Reserve says the recession is easing, but the economy likely will remain weak and keep a lid on inflation. (12 mins to go)

Treasurys up after strong auction of 2-year notes

A strong government auction of two-year notes is pushing down Treasury yields for the third straight day. Robust auction demand is a good sign for potential homebuyers and homeowners looking to refinance. (9 mins to go)

Stocks pull back as global economic worries rise

Expectations of a weaker global economy are giving stock investors more to be wary about. Major stock indexes retreated by more than 2 percent Monday, sending the Dow Jones industrial average to its lowest level this month after the World Bank estimated the global economy will shrink 2.9 percent in 2009. (8 mins to go)

Spending at lowest level in a decade

Shocking statistics have shown that South African consumers are being crushed by a mountain of debt. (3 hours ago)