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Google conviction could have wide impact on Web

An Italian court’s decision to hold Google criminally responsible for content posted on its system could have sweeping implications worldwide for Internet freedom. (22 mins ago)

Sales of previously owned US homes fall

Sales of previously owned US homes unexpectedly dropped 7.2 per cent in January to a seven-month low, indicating a lack of job growth is undermining government incentives to bolster the housing market. (39 secs ago)

Business Highlights

WASHINGTON _ Layoffs are no longer dropping as they were in the final months of last year, reinforcing fears that the jobs crisis will weigh down consumer spending and the economic rebound. (9 mins ago)

Consumer confidence hits 10-month low on job worries

NEW YORK: US consumer confidence sagged to a 10-month low this month on worries about jobs and fears gridlock in Washington could hinder efforts to restart employment, curbing the economic recovery. (7 mins ago)

Flagging confidence intensifies economic fears

Americans’ confidence in the economy has suffered a sudden relapse, dimming hopes that they will start spending _ and spurring job growth _ any time soon. (5 mins ago)

DeMarrais: Consumers win with new CARD Act

The CARD Act, the most far-reaching credit card legislation in more than a decade, kicks in Monday, giving consumers a lengthy list of money-saving protections. (27 mins ago)

Credit-Card Fees: the New Traps

A new law allows some aggressive lender tactics to continue. (55 mins ago)

Credit Risk Index Falls as Debt Market Sees Upside of Fed Move

A benchmark gauge of corporate credit risk in the U.S. headed for its biggest weekly drop in seven weeks as the Federal Reserve underscored it’s not tightening credit and will keep interest rates low to stoke growth. (15 mins ago)

Mortgage rates fall to near-record lows

Interest for a 30-year, fixed-rate loan fell to an average of 4.93% this week, the third-lowest rate on record, according to government-sponsored mortgage giant Freddie Mac. (6 mins ago)

Mortgage rates on 30-year loans fall to 4.98 percent

Mortgage rates in the U.S. fell for a fourth week as lenders and the Federal Reserve sought to support home financing amid signs a housing rebound is stalling. (53 mins ago)