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We must sow seeds for our nation’s future today

Permanent and temporary migration programs are important for the economy. (2 hours ago)

Sales tax increase considered

The Cleburne City Council in a workshop Tuesday discussed the possibility of raising the city’s sales tax by one fourth of a cent. (13 mins ago)

Mortgage rates hit low of 4.54 percent

NEW YORK Mortgage rates dropped to the lowest level on record for the fifth time in six weeks, making homebuying and refinancing the most attractive in decades for those who can get loans. (6 mins ago)

Americans Tap $8.3 Billion in Home Equity, Least in a Decade

Americans in the second quarter tapped the smallest amount of home equity in a decade, showing households are focused on repairing tattered finances. (36 mins ago)

U.S. consumer confidence dims as home prices advance

Consumer confidence fell in July to the lowest level since February, weighed mostly by worries about the job market, according to a private sector report released on Tuesday (10 mins ago)

New home sales up, but sales remain slow

Sales of new homes jumped last month, but it was the second-weakest month on record. The lackluster economy has made potential buyers skittish about shopping for homes. (3 mins ago)

Less-confident consumers could stall recovery

WASHINGTON Consumers are having second thoughts about the recovery. (1 hour ago)

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Norway’s Star Reefers reported second quarter net profit shrunk to $3.8 million from $5.1 million a year ago as spot market freight rates for refrigerated ships slumped to their lowest level for several years. (4 mins ago)

Mortgage rates hit new record low

Mortgage rates fell to a new record low for the fourth time in five weeks. But low rates haven’t been enough to lift a struggling housing market. (1 min ago)

Lendingtree Weekly Mortgage Rate Pulse Reports Record-breaking Low Rates

Mortgage rates reached record-breaking lows this week with the Current Coupon dropping 12 basis points to 3.51 percent, according to LendingTree’s Weekly Mortgage Rate Pulse, a snapshot of the lowest and average mortgage rates available within the LendingTree network of lenders. (16 mins ago)