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GE Expands Smart Grid Efforts to Include Home Energy Management

GE launched a new energy management business today aimed at helping consumers use smart grid technologies to reduce their household energy use. (19 mins ago)

Iowans Have Lowest Average Credit Card Debt

FILE – This file photo taken Nov. 18, 2009, a pile of MasterCard and VISA credit cards are displayed in Frankfurt, Germany. (AP Photo/Jochen Krause, File) (8 mins ago)

Auction clearance rates a factor in decision-making

Auction clearance rates are watched closely by a range of property industry participants and observers. (15 mins ago)

Slippery first step on property ladder

That first step of the property ladder must be awfully slippery. (2 hours ago)

Low-paid workers in education to have salaries cut Department calls for 5% pay cuts for 17,000

PAY CUTS:CARETAKERS AND school secretaries who are among the lowest paid workers in the education sector are to have their salaries cut. (5 mins ago)

UPS Fights Fire With Fire? to Fill Pension Gap: Credit Markets

Companies facing the biggest pension deficit since at least 1994 are selling bonds at the fastest pace in more than seven years to plug the hole betting that future returns will exceed their borrowing costs. (49 mins ago)

Tido von Schoen-Angerer: A Tale of Two Vaccines — Why Price Discounts for Developing Countries Show Limits

Offering a discount to the poor seems like an unequivocally good thing. But do price discounts really make medicines more affordable in developing countries? (9 mins ago)

Peace of mind can be costly

It’s about achieving certainty, not about trying to beat the bank. The exit fees lenders put on their fixed-rate home loans are rarely considered a cash grab by the ombudsman. (8 mins ago)

Microsoft`s Record-low Coupon, Fed Spark `buyers’ Strike’: Credit Markets

Investors that helped companies from Microsoft Corp. to Wal-Mart Stores Inc. sell bonds at record low borrowing costs are being punished as prices tumble on concern Federal Reserve efforts to stave off deflation will drive up yields. (9 mins ago)

Hong Kong Property Sales Slide as Tax Deters Buyers

William Yue was ready last week to pay about HK$11 million for an apartment in Hong Kong’s Kowloon Tong district. Now, he’s reconsidering. (7 mins ago)