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Dark times for schools, future of our community

There’s an intersection just west of Summerlin Hospital, where Hualapai Way crosses Crestdale Lane. On one corner sits a park where children play soccer and lacrosse. Several hundred yards away is Bonner Elementary School, one of the better performing elementary schools in the Las Vegas Valley. (55 mins ago)

State Commissioner Says Holland School District Kept Too Much Money

The State Education Department agreed in part with a petition charging that the Holland Central School Board acted improperly when it held onto its excessive reserve fund. The decision is one that has been mirrored across the state in many districts for at least the last 15 years. It also cost the district over $11,000 in legal fees for the expected outcome. (9 mins ago)

Russia to ban gasoline exports amid shortages

Russia decided to halt exports of gasoline and switch the flow to the home market to fight shortages and a price rise, in a statement on Thursday taking effect in a few days’ time in May. (2 mins ago)

World markets mixed ahead of Fed statement

World stocks were held in check today despite a resilient showing on Wall Street as traders awaited a key statement from the Federal Reserve about the direction of the U.S. economy. (2 mins ago)

GE tax issue still rages on

General Electric Co.’s tax bill is not a joke among constituents, U.S. Rep. Jim Himes , D-Conn., told the Stamford Advocate, but he said it’s Congress’ fault for not plugging the loopholes in the federal tax system. (25 mins ago)

Path to a brighter future

Like every state, Washington has been rocked by recession. Unemployment continues to hover perilously close to 10 percent. Businesses and families are cutting back on spending as they try to weather the storm. State revenues seem to be riding an elevator with only a down button. (2 hours ago)

Woman discovers life after AIDS virus diagnosis

After Theresa King learned she was HIV positive, she took her 15-year-old son to Palm Mortuary. It was 1995, and she assumed she wouldn’t live to see the new millennium. At 40, King knew nothing about HIV or AIDS except that they killed people usually gay men so it was time to pick out a casket, secure a grave site and get her will in order. (27 mins ago)

Peter Boutel, Lending a Hand: Higher rates, other debts reduce purchasing power

A homebuyer’s purchasing power is defined as how much he or she can afford to pay for a home in the mortgage lender’s eyes. (55 mins ago)

Health of pension fund depends on confidence

ANNAPOLIS By one measure, Maryland’s pension shortfall over the next three decades is $19 billion. But some analysts say the actual number is significantly higher, held down by unrealistically high assumptions of investment returns. (54 mins ago)

Home ownership luster fading in U.S.

Victoria Pauli signed a one-year lease last week to stay in her rental home in Fair Oaks, Calif. She had considered buying in the area, where property prices have slumped 57 percent since a 2005 peak. (5 mins ago)