Italy has lowest graduate share in Europe

Rome, May 23 Italy has the lowest graduation rates in Europe with just one-fifth of people aged 30-34 holding a university degree, according to a study.

From the Washington Consensus to a Singapore Consensus?

While the global financial crisis has prompted a reexamination of the roles of markets and governments, there is no clear agreement as to the proper balance between the two. Ravi Menon makes the case that yes, Europe, governments need markets and yes,…

Rise in U.S. exports brightens economy

American businesses sold a record number of goods and services in Europe, China and other foreign markets in February, while imports declined.

Retailers Left Behind by Australia Boom

The mining industry has powered the economy to faster growth than the U.S., Europe and Japan but the good times aren’t filtering down to the country’s retail sector

China says Q3 growth slows to 9.1pc

BEIJING: China said Tuesday its economic growth slowed to 9.1 percent in the third quarter as government efforts to tame inflation and turbulence in Europe and the United States curbed activity.

IOUs to Long Bonds Slide With Growth Imperiled: Credit Markets

Corporate borrowers are pulling back from markets for everything from overnight commercial paper to the longest-maturity bonds as global economic growth is threatened while Europe struggles to contain its fiscal crisis.

Greece gets closer to the brink: Merkel and Sarkozy to hold talks over debt crisis

As fears grow of an imminent debt default by Greece world leaders have urged Europe to prevent the euro area debt crisis from spiralling out of control.

US stocks plunge as worries about Europe intensify

US stocks plunge as worries about Europe intensify

Yields Drop as Growth Seen Slowest in 20 Years: Australia Credit

Australian benchmark government bond yields slid to the lowest since 2009 on concern contagion from Europe’s debt crisis will undermine a national economy analysts say is growing at the slowest annual pace in 20 years.

High Debt Levels Poised to Stunt Growth

New research suggests the high and rising debt of the U.S., Japan and Europe will stunt economic growth unless countries act quickly to contain it. (18 mins ago)