Newspaper front pages: Interest rates locked for 3 years and new heatwave to hit UK

The Bank of England has pledged to keep interest rates at their lowest level in its 300-year history until unemployment falls to 7 per cent

Still No. 2 OC’s jobless rate increases

By KEVIN BOWDEN Staff Reporter It’s now been six consecutive months that Obion County’s jobless rate has been ranked the second highest in the state. The lingering impact of the local Goodyear plant closure has kept Obion County near the top of the sta…

Jobless rate falls but outlook bleak

Unemployment has fallen to the lowest in six months but the outlook for the labour market remains bleak.

New state jobless numbers offer hope to unemployed

South Carolina 2011 unemployment picture ended on a brighter note the state's jobless rate dropped to 9.5 percent in December from 9.9 percent the previous month, the lowest rate since December 2008.

Age Discrimination Harder To Fight Amid Record Unemployment For Older Workers

Jack Gross testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 1, 2010, before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

AP IMPACT: CEO pay exceeds pre-recession level

In the boardroom, it’s as if the Great Recession never happened. CEOs at the nation’s largest companies were paid better last year than they were in 2007, when the economy was booming, the stock market set a record high and unemployment was roughly half what it is today. (6 mins ago)

Path to a brighter future

Like every state, Washington has been rocked by recession. Unemployment continues to hover perilously close to 10 percent. Businesses and families are cutting back on spending as they try to weather the storm. State revenues seem to be riding an elevator with only a down button. (2 hours ago)

Unemployment and poverty fuel Arab revolt

The events in Egypt and Tunisia as well as scattered similar incidents in Yemen, Sudan and Algeria appear to be a result of pent up sentiment about the failure of regional governments to tackle long-standing economic woes, on top of which are the festering unemployment and poverty. (2 mins ago)

This is a WebMemo On Labor

The November employment report threw a bucket of cold water on hopes for an accelerating recovery. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that private sector employers added only 50,000 net jobs. Unemployment rose to 9.8 percent and has remained above 9 percent for 19 consecutive months. (2 hours ago)

Fed set to buy more bonds to spur growth

With unemployment at 9.6 percent, the Federal Reserve is all but certain this week to launch a new program to try to fortify the economy. (5 mins ago)